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Jacquie Tran

Data scientist and researcher

Perpetual student.

Eager traveller.

I play music.

I make art with code.

I take photos.

It's lovely to meet you.

About me

I'm a Melbourne girl who loves big cities and beach life in equal measure. I've called London home, and Torquay too (the Aussie one). Right now? You can find me living life in Auckland.

I like making things. I play music, take photos, make art, and write words.

I enjoy drinking great coffee. I am an enthusiastic dancer.

I believe in perpetual learning. I practice wide curiosity.

The greatest love of my life is my family. My definition of family is broader than that defined by blood and genetics. Everyday, I am grateful for their influence.

I thrive on the uncertainty that comes with starting something new. I have developed a strange kind of affection for feeling uncomfortable.

All I really want is to live a full and interesting life. I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far :)

About me




Twitter: @jacquietran

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